Ela Pandya

Ela Pandya, originally hailing from India, embarked on a transformative journey when she moved to the United States following an arranged marriage to an Indian doctor undertaking his surgery residency in the bustling city of New York. Possessing a strong educational background, she was fueled by an unrelenting desire to forge a successful career in her new homeland.

Ela's path was not without its trials. She confronted formidable challenges stemming from cultural expectations imposed by both her own family and her husband's. Gender stereotypes further complicated her journey, and adapting to life as the wife of a general surgeon presented its unique set of obstacles. However, Ela possessed an unwavering determination, firmly believing that failure was never an acceptable outcome.

In the face of life's unexpected twists and turns, Ela consistently demonstrated resilience and a remarkable ability to stay positive and productive. Her passion for gender equality led her to become an enduring member of Zonta International, where she has dedicated twenty-nine years of her life. Zonta International, a global organization with a century-long history, has been instrumental in improving the lives of women and girls worldwide. Ela's involvement extends to serving on international committees and actively advocating for women's rights within the organization.

Aside from her advocacy work, Ela has proudly raised two exceptional children, individuals who have achieved great success while embodying humility, kindness, and decency. Their accomplishments are a testament to Ela's dedication as a mother.

For over three decades, Ela has called Central California her home, where she has worn multiple hats as the administrator of her husband's general surgery practice and their ambulatory surgery center. Simultaneously, she has passionately pursued the cause of women's equality and ventured into the realm of writing as an author.

Ela Pandya's remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to all who encounter her story, highlighting the transformative power of determination, resilience, and a commitment to gender equality. Her multifaceted life reflects a harmonious balance of family, career, and advocacy, making her a true trailblazer in her community and beyond.

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