A Memoir Part Three

A Memoir Part Three

In the last of the series, Ela enlightens us with the complexities of the healthcare industry in America through the description of her and her husband’s experiences in the general surgery practice. She portrays how life as a general surgeon’s wife, and manager of his business required her to grow aspects of her personality and realize she was capable of much more than she was giving herself credit for.

She shares with us how she spent much of her time being angry at the system that discouraged doctors from being their best. Ela portrays the times during her daughter’s medical school education and then the battle her family fought to protect her daughter’s hard-earned qualification as a general surgeon. During the grueling time when people she considered her own went to unbelievable lengths to hurt her daughter she faced loneliness she never faced before. But through it all, she and her family triumphed without compromising on their core beliefs.

While dealing with the attacks on her daughter’s career Ela successfully weds her son to an American girl. From the planning to the reception, it is a delightful read about how she handles the blending of the two cultures.


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